Why Fortified Salt?

We have the opportunity to change many lives in many ways, with one simple solution. In Haiti, where iodine deficiency disorders hinder child development and IQ; where lymphatic filariasis physically and emotionally cripples between 2% and 5% of the population; and where water sources are contaminated and access to clean water is scarce, Bon Sel Dayiti is the solution. With Bon Sel Dayiti, we can help raise healthy children, improve IQ, eliminate disease, and contribute to clean water processes—all for a better future in Haiti.

Who We Are

Bon Sel Dayiti is the only food-grade, iodized and fortified salt produced in Haiti. As a project of the University of Notre Dame Haiti Program, our ultimate goal is to eliminate lymphatic filariasis and iodine deficiency disorders by 2020.

Our Vision

To reach the entire Haitian population.

To give Haiti a bright, sustainable, self-financing future.

To create a self-sustaining business model for co-fortified salt to be applied in any nation.

Our Mission

To use Bon Sel Dayiti to reduce the disease burden caused by lymphatic filariasis and iodine deficiency disorders, and to minister in Christ's name.



    We have made the commitment to bring about and fulfill monumental change in the lives of the Haitian people. Eliminating LF and IDD has been Bon Sel Dayiti’s mission since 2006.


    In everything we do, from the fortification process to selling Bon Sel Dayiti in the markets, our community is our number one priority. We are focused on creating long-lasting and worthwhile partnerships with the intention of a self-sustaining business model. We also concentrate on the friendships we make along the way. Fostering meaningful relationships is vital in achieving our goals. In short, we want to help our community succeed.


    Every action we take causes a ripple effect. Contributing means ensuring those actions are always productive, realistic, and inclusive. We don’t want to fix the Haitian people; we want to partner in solving a problem.


    With respect and care, we meet our people where they are. Helping them means learning about their lives, their struggles, and seeing everything we do from their perspective.


    To truly eliminate LF and IDD, Bon Sel Dayiti needs to be produced in perpetuity. Because the salt plant is maintainable and manageable, it’s continuation can be well-preserved—everyone needs fortified salt.

Good for you, Good for the country

Not only does Bon Sel Dayiti prevent lymphatic filariasis and iodine deficiency disorders, we make jobs, build infrastructure, establish quality of standard, and create a bright future for Haiti.


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